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This is the preamble before I begin the tutorial for how I do the images I create. One of the big things i'm going to stress is using the right program that has the proper tools.

The tools and functions that will be needed are
Magic wand
Color replacement that's usually attached to the paintbrush and that you can adjust opacity of either tool
Blur & smudge with the ability of adjusting the strength
Burn & Dodge with the ability to use midtones, shadows and highlights
The ability to work in layers
ability to distort layers IE changing perspective and stuff
Ability to adjust layer color
Ability to match layer color
Ability to adjust hue-contrast, etc

In this case when i did the bulk of my projects i used Photoshop CS2, it is offered as a free download by Adobe, buried in the downloads section and you don't have to worry about the whole registering part of the app you can simply exit out of that. Though fair warning it does cause the screen to freeze up while booting, it's nothing serious. I have tried out other programs and while some had the basics none of them had everything.

Another key point this will only work if you have access to a ok laptop or desktop, or one of the high end drawing tablets. And if you usually use mobile apps like fatbooth or things that just let you bloat parts of a body, just deposit all of those in your recycle bin, some of them aren't worth the data they're taking up on your device.

I cannot speak for apple products though since i've never owned a Ipad, i've tried the ones available for kindle and they're just too clunky to use.

This is really only a basic level tutorial and it won't bring you anywhere near top-tier, I for one only consider myself a high tier ameture. Since this is still only just a hobby and everything i have learned is either self-taught or someone who has given me advice. 

I'll be going more in depth in the process when i start uploading the separate parts of it.
Tutorial Preamble: program and functions
The little preamble for the tutorial on how i do the images i create.

I honestly have no clue if i submitted this to the right path.

Standard DA disclaimer.
Craving Control
I got this idea floating around in my head when the creator of Craving Control popped back up. I did what i could, in my opinion i think i did a fairly decent job considering i'm still only a amature. Featuring Bryce Dallas Howard as Laila herself, along with a few random celebrity names for the support. Now i do have like several variations of the image, namely i wasn't sure what to keep and add.

Standard disclaimer all i did was morph a image. If you don't like this sort of content, you don't have to be rude. Always open to critique.
Stage one of the Craving Control Poster complete.
WTBB + update
Just a quickie Demi morph, i hope everyone enjoys. The last couple pages of Young and Chubby are being worked on, i know i said i would tired to get one up on the weekend that fell through due to writers block still. It has 25% left to finish, which is purely the story, though i may have some help with that. Got a special Craving Control project in the infancy stage, though i have a idea were to take it.

Standard disclaimer all i did was morph a image. If you don't like this sort of content, you don't have to be rude. Always open to critique.
There's a possibility at some point you guys might see my take on some CC fanart.


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another amature
United States
Just a amateur morpher who does Female celebrities and is always open to Requests or suggestions as long as they are sensible.
Ok i'm going to start working on a basic how-to tutorial on how morph the images i create idk how many weeks it's going to be or how i'm going to present the images. Aside from that, Thank you for the birthday wishes and whatnot, the next page of Y&C will be up late this evening, hopefully.

I'm going to the to get the last requests done up as well. I hope everyone has a good day.

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